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Ossies @ 30

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A divided country, same language, same culture, same shit fashion sense.

Larger, richer West absorbed smaller, poorer East.

Could drive across Ossi states n be back in West in a day.

30 years later, over 3m Ossis have drifted over. Yet the East stays poorer, unproductive n basically crap.


Some how Mutti thinks importing a few million muzzers, most whove not been to school, dont speak the language, have stone age views of men n women etc, is somehow going to work out fine.



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7 minutes ago, MrPin said:

IMHO, the East side ought to have remained a separate state.

There should have been a 10 year transition.

The 1 for 1 currency exchange destroyed what little economy the East had.

From wiki

The fall of the Berlin Wall and the factors described above led to mass migration from East Berlin and East Germany, producing a large labor supply shock in the West.[83] Emigration from the East, totaling 870,000 people between 1989 and 1992 alone,[91] led to worse employment outcomes for the least-educated workers, for blue-collar workers, for men and for foreign nationals.[83]

That 800k is hardly mass, compared to the ~4m EE whove poured into the UK.


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