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The Lovely Professional University

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Don't be too quick to sneer... the UK has this:



There are currently seven campuses worldwide in Tokyo, London, Illinois, Sydney, Munich, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai with an eighth campus scheduled to open in Moscow later this year (2015).


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1 hour ago, The Generation Game said:

Maybe those who are complaining about DOSB could come to try and meet a future partner at this fine Prague institution. 



Considering the current situation and emergency measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, all admissions will be held online. Due to this situation we cancel admission fees in academic year 2020/2021

How about that we can do it right now from UK, for free. Not too shabby.

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9 hours ago, spunko said:

You all laugh, but these fake universities were responsible for teaching your GP.


Then you wonder why you've woken up after a tooth extraction with your left leg amputated.

I don't think so, but we are keeping up with the rest of the world, with bogus courses.

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17 hours ago, One percent said:

Ranked 78th of indian universities. Must be spectacular then.  xD

Id guess the TE Uni rank are a bit subjective, at least when Unis are only seperated by a few points.

You might claim an Anglo bias. But that bais is evident by non Anglso pouring into the anglosphere.

The higest rated Indian Uni comes in at 





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