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Interesting stuff

By repositioning the letters around the central letter Ν (en), a Greek cross can be made that reads Pater Noster (Latin for "Our Father", the first two words of the "Lord's Prayer") both vertically and horizontally. The remaining letters – two each of A and O – can be taken to represent the concept of Alpha and Omega, a reference in Christianity to the omnipresence of God. Thus the square might have been used as a covert symbol for early Christians to express their presence to each other.[10]


If you put the palindrome in Google Translate, from Latin to English, you get “The father holds the wheels of AREPO.” The word “arepo” is a “hapax legomenon,” a word which appears once in the entire body of literature of a language. Because “arepo” occurs only once in all of Latin literature, and because there is no context for ciphering out the meaning, nobody knows what the word means. Therefore nobody knows what the palindrome means. For all we know, “arepo” might be a nonsense word made up to make the palindrome work, like the verse from Lewis Carroll’s nonsense poem “Jabberwocky:”


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10 hours ago, Chewing Grass said:


Discus, solve, educate.

Speaking of Sator, it reminded me of this - a line from the Carmen Arvale - a much more interesting piece of ancient Latin, whose meaning  is disputed: -

Satur fu, fere Mars, limen sali, sta berber

Any offers?




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4 hours ago, The XYY Man said:




GIs Save The Onion - obviously a reference to the shadowy links between US political satire and the military who are sworn to uphold their First Amendment rights.

I reckon you've spent so long in the Q thread, you're obviously subconsciously channeling its content through riddles.

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