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24 minutes ago, Chewing Grass said:

Mostly being ignored anyway, government can say what they want but they are losing consent.

Perhaps this is their tactic.  Make the rules so monumentally illogical and harsh that many people will just ignore them.

The government can then pin the 'blame' on the population 'if' the virus kills lots of people.

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Ward  28 days leading up to the 25 September (rate per 100,000) Overall (rate per 100,000)
Alexandra 728 2273
Chadderton Central 572 1707
Chadderton North 584 1850
Chadderton South 360 1494
Coldhurst 390 2009
Crompton 321 1244
Failsworth East 399 1334
Failsworth West 408 1244
Hollinwood 381 1135
Medlock Vale 804 2150
Royton North 305 976
Royton South 348 1384
Saddleworth North 285 1119
Saddleworth South 492 1200
Saddleworth West and Lees 230 1253
Shaw 357 1522
St Mary's 1130 3422
St James' 337 1226
Waterhead 392 1878
Werneth 944 3134
Oldham Overall 514 1754
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4 minutes ago, sarahbell said:


It's the PM's fault Oldham's cases are soaring...


Oldham’s rate has now shot up to 253 per 100,000 (a 316% increase)

Got to be seasonality. Only they can't admit that as they'd have to accept it's what stopped the April spike. 

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On 06/10/2020 at 09:51, sarahbell said:

Over the 28 days leading up to the 25 September, numbers of positive cases were highest in those in the working age population.

Love that bit in the statistics 'working age population' I imagine that most don't in the two highest wards, Werneth & St Mary’s.

Edited by Chewing Grass
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The stats. They're now doing a 28 day / 100000 




Testing Data

Between 27 September - 3 October the rate of testing was 248 per 100,000 population per day. This has seen a decrease from 277.8 per 100,000 from the previous week.

The testing positivity rate between 27 September - 3 October was 13.3%, this has increased from 9.1% last week.

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