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I want a dog for xmas - a robot dog

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right there some brains around here, let's build some dosbods robot dogs......check this video out.........and nvidia jetson boards have just been reduced :)


right, who's got the 3d printers? make mine a small one like the A1 - 'spot the dynamics dog' would give me bad dreams methinks


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18 hours ago, Popuplights said:

Here it is. It has 3dprinted parts. The motors are RC servos. It is run on an Arduino. Control via Bluetooth using a Sony PS3 controller.


I have exactly the same rug, from John Lewis if I remember

17 hours ago, The XYY Man said:

Good, but not perfect.

A real dog would've shit on that horrible rug...



oy, although you are a rug expert I suppose

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5 minutes ago, Libspero said:

One in the OP is £10k.

I'm not sure which I'd be more upset about if it got creamed crossing the road..  real dog,  or £10k up in smoke  O.o

We had one of the gold-coloured Sony (?) robot dogs at one place where I worked in the early 2000s. It would wander around and be "petted" by staff. Once it had to be rescued when it got itself stuck in the lift doors, and later, it simply vanished. The rumour was it had made it downstairs and out of the building.

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