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Boris' latest housing stimulus

Mirror Mirror

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Mirror Mirror

Probably not deserving of its own thread, but didnt really know where to put it; Spunko, feel free to tidy up.


"We cant go back to the way things were pre covid, so Im doing something involving 5% with deposits for 1st time buyers."

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Sweateners for those desperate for their own home and only the dregs in the cities available (still at extortionate prices, but dont look at the total cost of the debt it's only a few hundred quid a month, for life) as all the city dwellers pile out into the countryside and to the seaside.

Silver lining is the young tend to enjoy city life, if anything is open.

Another silver lining is places like Blackpool, Skeggy, and Yarmouth are now seen as up and coming places. Buy there while it's cheap. xD

Bottom line is sterling is doomed so may as well get assets with any money you can get your hand on while you can. Savings are a road to destitution. :ph34r:

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Last chance saloon akin to shuffling the deckchairs on the titanic. They have to be seen to be doing something to appease the boomer voters and their house builder donation chums.

You have to start worrying however when it the banksters rather than the government that is concerned over the wellbeing of the indebted masses...


”“We don’t want to be part of the problem for the future,” said a senior executive at one high street lender. “People won’t thank us in 12 months time if they are saddled with unsustainable debt on their homes.”

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wonder how this effects the landlord slave trade?

on the up side higher sales prices maybe? if the slumlord tries to exit.

on the downside those trapped might be able to get into massive debt and out of rental so less customers for landlords..

I cant see EU immigration going up without jobs..


BUT the CONs might try and import more from the third world to fill the rental market with more slaves..#

get them delivering Mcdonalds uber with benefit topups 

The real UK economy 


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