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Fear of road traffic

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I had the usual driving for work today.

I went close to Trafford Park, a large industrial area in Manchester. I was reminded of seeing a large lorry tip over years ago on a tight roundabout. Pallets everywhere but luckily no one to be seen, no one hurt

I had been side swiped by a Euro registered artic in the same area about 13 years ago. I slammed the breaks on, skidded straight as the truck moved sideways into the space where I was a few seconds before. Centenary Bridge, dual carriageway.

That passed through as memories best forgotten. 

I was reminded of this as I was passing and the work van in front had one of those hand compressors for tarmack in front, the ones where the handle sticks out back, past the trailor, just about head level for the driver behind. That accident has never happened. Mused about a thread here of irrational road phobias. Reached home. Some admin.

I have just walked to the post box. 300m away. A lovely wolf style dog, white and cheshnut patches was at the gate near the post box. The owner topping up the oil whilst speaking with some one accross the busy road. I know nothing of dog varieties but this dog is so friendly when I pass. It was behind the gate. Somehow  whilst leaning up it accidentally hit the latch and ran off full steam to the chap the owner was speaking to accross the road. Thud. The dog was hit at 30mph. Caught its back leg and knocked flat.

It got up quick...very confused...owner not sure what happened so I just went forward and called it over as strongly as I could before further traffic behind might hit.  It came over and missed more rush hour traffic.

Not sure if it will have broke a leg. The owner upset "They didnt even fuckng stop!"

She thanked me quickly as she took the dog in. I hope the dogs ok.

All the more strange given the thoughts earlier.

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