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Do animals play online Poker?


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As a token of "goodwill" the company was willing to pay £30,000, but Mr Green would have to agree not to talk about it ever again.

Mr Green refused and the company increased its offer to £60,000, which he also rejected.

More than two years later he is heading to the High Court to sue Betfred and its parent company, Gibraltar-based Petfre for £2m, including the interest he would have earned from the win.

Mr Green said "the last two and a half years have felt like hell on earth".

"You wouldn't treat an animal like I've been treated by Betfred," he said.

"Hopefully the judge will accept the arguments put forward by my legal team and this nightmare will be over. My champagne remains on ice!"

Mr Green is in poor health and has suffered four heart attacks - one of them since the money was credited to his online r in 2018.

Hes 53.

His pitch makes him sound like an 80yo.

Maybe hed be a lot better if he dud not spend all night playing online poker?

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Blackjack is old as the hills. The odds are in favour of the house generally.

So unless he has some good system that beats the house, he should take the £60K and use that system to beat the house again. As he has chosen this painful route of litigation then I assume he has no system, or the software glitch has been fixed.

He has to weigh up if he thinks he's going to get a life changing sum. For most people £60K is a fair amount of money.



Note if you find a glitch in some betting online game, and glitches appear in any software, and you take advantage of the glitch, expect someone to notice in time.

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I was wondering how on earth you win £1.7m on  Blackjack but it seems it was actually a game called "Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven Blackjack" which makes a lot more sense (to win 1.4m you would need to be betting something completely stupid like £700,000 a hand).

The actual rules are interesting see https://help.sportingbet.com/en/casino-help/blackjack/playtechfrankiedettorimagic7bj especially the 7777:1 bit which wouldn't surprise me results in wins that are outside the expected ones.


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