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London tonight?

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6 hours ago, Alonso Quijano said:

This is why Christianity is doomed. They won't even defend their cross, their symbol. It offers nothing.

We don't need to. The big difference between islam and the Christian faith is that a real God is perfectly capable of defending Himself. Which is why islam is doomed - allah's 'protectors' are only too aware of this fact. Why else do you think so many of them are mentally ill?

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12 hours ago, dillinger said:


Sorry if I posted that earlier...

Mentally ill but just so happened to choose a church and a cross to desecrate. Given the paucity of active churches in enriched areas, seem's a hell of coincidence. Thousands upon thousands of 'other' buildings to vandalize. I presume he didn't go up the street randomly vandalizing everything else given that would probably result in a well deserved kicking. 

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2 hours ago, kibuc said:

I really like the fact that some cuckface on Twitter worrying that "it will only fuel bigots with their prejudices" is getting properly ridiculled. I usually expect the woke brigade to dominate there.

Twitter has banned everyone else surely. 


As Mark Steyn said the act of being politically incorrect is merely noticing something you shouldnt....that being on full display here. The crime itself isnt the issue...its that we noticed it that makes us 'the problem'

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3 hours ago, Chewing Grass said:

That one has the 'fresh off the boat' look about him.

It used to be 'the cattle boat' for the Micks and 'the banana boat' for the Blacks so just what boat did these fuckers turn up in - 'the billionaires yacht'?

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