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Nurse Wibble


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Coronavirus: How my mum became a conspiracy theory influencer


Is that like a BooHoo influencer, without the slavery??

Trout point, deffo some nose work.

Loves being the centre of attention...

Shacked up with an Iranian, which explains the surname.



Shemirani believes that anyone who disagrees with her or accuses her of lying must be "lying, misinformed or jealous."[1] She also believes that in particular, "overweight, envious nurses come in for particular criticism" will disagree with her because as she stated during an interview:

The fact that I was always graced with decent looks and I'm always very slim has generated jealousy throughout my career.[1]

She does have a point.....

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Thing is, if you spend any length of time with NY 40+ public sector woman, be it Teacher or a Nurse, you'll find a fair have some pretty strange views and reasoning.

Seriously, I've done school nights out. Couple of cocktails and off they go.

This ones just gone OTTover covid.

Maybe if the BBC started reporting on the high number of hysterical lunatic women in the public sector then people would not pay attention when one goes nuts?

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