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I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with the NHS app. The reason for this is that the 4 of us in our family have it installed. To be honest my phone is rarely switched on and I rarely go out - screwfix and toolstation is about the extent of my own excursions just recently. However my wife, shopping regularly in Tesco and occasional visits to central Bath has had nothing, nor has my eldest daughter who has been behaving pretty normally in Cardiff and teaching and tested positive some little time ago as you may be aware. 

However my youngest awoke this morning to an alert on her phone. We thought immediately it was during her day out in Bath on Monday including a meal in restaurant with friends. However on checking her phone it appears that the contact in question occured at 4:50 am this morning. We know this as this is the only "Matched Key Count" showing a "1" rather than a "0" on the app.

She was asleep in her room at this time. Checking our CCTV shows a van drive slowly by at 4:47 am, just past her window and a car at 4:40am. The alert from the app says there is not sufficient risk and so she does need to do anything. This evaluation on the app comes in a couple of hours after the inital alert. She spoke to a friend who said their father had several of these this last week in Bath.

I thought this experience was worth sharing.


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12 minutes ago, goldbug9999 said:

I just cant get my head round why anyone would voluntarily use this app. 

I have the app on an old phone which has no personal information on it and does not have a SIM card in it.

It is only switched on and used to gain entry to various public houses which insist on scanning of the QR code at the door. As soon the scan has been shown to the person at the door it is switched to airplane mode or off entirely for the duration of the visit.

Good luck with tracing that Dido !

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7 hours ago, MrPin said:

It's the people with their postcode, as a barcode tattoed on their bum.

Too easy to decode. Which is why I use a more sophisticated system.

If you follow the line of spots and clear skin on my arse, then your knowledge of Morse code should enable you to figure out precisely what postcode to type into your satnav.

Gerrus a bag of chips on the way...



Edited by The XYY Man
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4 minutes ago, Sucralose Ray Leonard said:

Indeed. I only visit Lidl and B&M once a week and maybe screwfix every month. Am I meant to have the app? If so, bget fucked. I'll get Iceland to deliver.

I miss going to B&M every week 'cos of this COVID shite.

Their cheap tat is so much better than the cheap tat of their closest rivals...



Edited by The XYY Man
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