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ASDA security harass Dad feeding his baby


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3 hours ago, 201p said:

I am scared to watch the video. What did he do?

Did he take stock from the shelves and start feeding his baby BEFORE paying for it?

I'm too scared as well. I don't want to see a bloke with milk producing tits.

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9 minutes ago, The XYY Man said:



All you will see is fifteen minutes of a very boring cunt sat in his car talking a load of shite.

Why the fuck a man is even attempting to feed a baby is beyond me. That is women's work...



I've not watched it, he's just holding a bottle surely? 

Oh God- just clicked it and it's Charlie Veitch, fucking hell.....

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I've not heard of Charles Veitch - but he looks like a blogger filling in the Info Wars, David Icke vacuum at a brief glance at his page. "Great Reset" etc.

But yeah, manboobs and baby feeding as a title wasn't going to get me to click the video. But thank you JackieO for bringing to our attention. The more we know the better.

Also as he has an agenda, I'd take the incident with a pinch of salt as he might have been looking for a reaction to make content. Some youtubers do this by putting a camera in a security persons face and starts shouting I know my rights to wind them up. We haven't heard the other side of the argument.

I've worked with a few security guards and they have all been reasonable people. 

Edited by 201p
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On 29/10/2020 at 19:39, JackieO said:


Tried to watch the video - could ok not get to the half way mark as this guy is just too annoying.


Conclusion, I think I am team "throw him out of ASDA" ... as he keeps saying "baby" and "feeding".


Does he seriously think whatever he does is exempt as long as he is feeding a baby?

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On 29/10/2020 at 19:05, The XYY Man said:

Fifteen minutes of waffle - in some weird Yankie meets Jock accent.

Bloke's a cunt...




Not a great video but some of his other ones are quite good.

Edited by 23rdian
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