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Christmas advertising

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*Wonderfully mixed-race family sit on the couch, ipad propped up on coffee table*

"In these difficult times, Christmas can still bring us together"

*Shot switches to behind family, showing grandparents on a zoom call smiling and waving*

"And with our special 'Heroes' campaign, we donate 0.001p of every £10 spent to NHS TiKTok training charities"

*Song starts playing in background - acoustic version of Bring your daughter to the Slaughter, cover by Ellie Goulding*

"So however you choose to spend this holiday season..."

*Shot of smiling Muslim family having turkey for some reason*

"... spend it safely."

*Final shot of workers waving to each other in distribution centre, min 2m distance and masked up. Monitor drone  flashing green to indicate worker is remaining above picking KPI over last hourly average and has 2 toilet breaks remaining*

*Amazon Smile (TM) logo appears on-screen. Lower text in size 8 reads 'Amazon Sarl. registered in Switzerland.*

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