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I like the Star Spangled Banner. Written when people genuinely believed they were creating something better than anything that had previously existed. 

By the time it gets to:

'the rocket's red glare, bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there' 

I can be starting to feel quite emotional. 

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22 minutes ago, MrPin said:

I'm in Mercia now. I used to be in Wessex.

Them cunts only won because they married into the Mercian royal family .a new coin with Alfred the great on one side and a Mercian king on the other has proved it was a joint fight back and that Mercia was airbrushed out of history.everyone from Wessex should be forced to bake cakes weekly and forced to live in a swamp

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On 31/10/2020 at 18:00, maynardgravy said:

I think Russian music is pretty much on its own level anyway, but there's nothing that touched the Ruski NA IMO.

And ours is pretty close to the bottom of the pile.


The Czarist one was pretty good too:

I always like that bit in the 1812 overture where it turns up along side the French one:


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6 hours ago, TheBlueCat said:

I always like that bit in the 1812 overture where it turns up along side the French one:

Tchaik took three themes for the 1812 - the two anthems and an old orthodox Russian hymn (which I can't remember the name of). The whole thing is an impressive piece but most people only know the last two minutes.

The cannon are supposed to represent the main battle of Borodino which the Russians lost, but Russian propaganda turned into a Kutusov's victory, as Napoleon's army was really destroyed by winter and starvation.

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