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Just when you thought you had seen absolutely everything in 2020

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    • By The Masked Tulip
      So I just had the TV on in the background and I thought that I heard an advert for an adopt an orca charity. Surely not? How can you adopt an orca? Do they need adopting in the first place? Did anyone ask them? Do they pop around for dinner once adopted and do you become liable for their student loans?
      I mean, are orcas so vulnerable that they need people adopting them?
      I went on google to have a look and was surprised to find not just one charity allowing you to adopt an orca but several. There appears to be specific orca adopting charities. Several of the major wildlife charities also have orca adopting schemes - do you need to be a non-hideously white cis-neutral Guaridan reading, Steptoe supporting couple to adopt?
      Seems, for your cash, you get a photo of an orca. Not sure what else you get.
      OK, rant over - surely this is just a means of funding those marine biologists whom, to me, appear to have great lives, sailing around the world, scuba-diving, appearing on wildlife documentaries, etc, rather than practically helping your average orca?
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