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The what guitar have you got? thread.

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Finally found the Falcon, for all you Gretsch fans.


Well, I'm sitting outside with a really crappy 3/4 guitar that's dirty, has multiple knocks and dings all over, has one broken tuner (I have a small mole-grip for tuning that string), has a really wor

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I consider myself contented with some sort of Stratocaster copy I got second hand with an unbranded head stock. Sounds and plays ok at home. I learnt to set the intonation via a you tube video. I assume the Pick ups  are weak as I dont hear a 50 cycle hum ( which is nice ) also It is light weighing under 7 lb, which also I like, I do think of upgrading all the bits, pickups, machine heads, maybe put a tremelo arm on. Also I sometimes think of replacing my microcube amp with a home size valve amp and a bunch of pedals, but I dont like the clutter of a pedal board. cant be arsed to put a pic up as you know what a strat looks like eg see above post and imagine its blue.



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I've got a few, my favorite is one of these.


That one is not mine, but it's the same model. I made a new scratchplate for mine, and put in two humbuckers. I was going to paint it black as well, but never got around to it, and probably never will now.


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Just now, Bobthebuilder said:

Awsome guitar. Gretchs are really good guitars, always loved Malcolm Young and Brian from stray cats, lovely sounding things. I might have a 67 duojet somewhere.

Might have? I think you should know. I suppose they are Marmite to many. I like the sound, and I have a Falcon too, but I can't find a picture.

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2 hours ago, MrPin said:

Ah yes, there have been some cheeky fakes. Here's a real Gretsch, not a Gletch. I've posted it before, and I still have this one.



I want a Gretsch, but one of them semi-acoustic types.

Like Teddy Cockrot, and that Alka Seltzer gadgie out of The Spayed Cats...






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3 minutes ago, Bobthebuilder said:

Dont tell me you have a white falcon? ive always wanted one of those.

Yes. They are nice, but don't sound any better than the wood coloured one. It just looks like something Liberace would have had, had he been a guitar player.


I have posted a picture previously for @JoeDavola

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11 minutes ago, The XYY Man said:


I want a Gretsch, but one of the semi-acoustic type.

Like that Alka Seltzer gadgie out of The Spayed Cats...





I have always loved the stray cats but that is the first time ive watched the Brian orchestra, really enjoyed that Cheers.

Great guitar sound on that.

Eddie Cochran the first person to overdub guitar parts i believe. Great player.

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