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Clean your teeth with Colgate (a brand with a good reputation) well its made in China, says nothing on the box when you buy it then hey-presto its on the tube.


Want to put it in your mouth now?

As a minimum spit, don't swallow...

Another America company that puts profit above any other considerations.

Oh, and they like the Clintons.


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    • By Long time lurking
      Talk about a bad day at the office 
    • By Long time lurking
      Now how would you go about creating this scenario and drumming up support in the way IDS is asking/lobbying for  @4min ish >
    • By The Grey Man
      A bubbling background story.
      Weve been here before. Those umbrella folk where it appeared from a distance there was some foriegn interference.
      This appears to have overflowed from the Lawyers draped in funeral suits protests the other day.
      Several articles out there including this;
      Clearly a lot of protesters about this issue of detainees being able to be scooped up back to the mainland.
      It makes a good target for foriegn influence given the Tarrifs issue and the States.
      Irony its close to the Tianananmen Square massacre date.
      Not sure it will go anywhere but Cantonese friends have been slowly expressing their annoyance with the mother ship for some years.
      I expect the Mainland is gonna come down heavy in the current environment....what then?
      A slow burner maybe and one to watch with arguably world wide ramifications from what ever result.
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