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Students starting to wake up

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26 minutes ago, Libspero said:

Typically the university’s response..

What they say:  ”Oh we’re sorry, we didn’t mean to hurt your feelings..  hugz”

What they do: “Right you little fuckers, we’ll just hire more private security instead”

Bunch of c***s 9_9

The students will retaliate with their elite troops the myrmadom so to speak.giles st Quinton spokesperson for the students union we will release persons of colour to pillage the campus computers 

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1 hour ago, Libspero said:

I’ve no idea at what point the universities thought it became their job to police their adult students.

It’s typical of creeping left leaning authoritarianism “for their good by people who know better” and it’s heartening to see them learning to fight back against it.  

Good for you Manchester students ! 

Manchester students? Get back to your union and enjoy your Rudyard Kipling Maya Angelou mural. 

Let's have some applause jazz hands for the Vice Chancellor. 

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1 minute ago, Bornagain said:

Perhaps the explanation for this is that the universities see the students as cows to be milked for the fee.

It makes perfect sense to lock them up in order to prevent another university stealing them....

We can only conclude that Student farming is very profitable.


I think I saw Randolph Scott in that film.O.o

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