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The haves will always have from now on, covid has proven that

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Had a cancelled job today so just had a well deserved slack day and I really was not bothered money wise, in fact I could probably take week or month off and it probably wouldn't alter my life or finances at all. Yet I remember a time when just a lost days work could cause a massive headache or even a slow paying customer. It's just got me thinking about the old days and the recessions and the booms where the economy is firing and we can all party a little, now we can party all the time, even though there is no economically earned money coming in  for many people.

You once had a recession and those at the bottom of the food chain had an opportunity to catch up or replace dead wood business that was already on the edge, not anymore. If Covid has proven anything to me and the economic downturn that has gone with it is that the haves still have and the haven'ts can go fuck themselves, I just don't get. I was set up for this for a few years now where I could handle a downturn with a 80% ish hit and still survive, but those that would not have survived will never be allowed to go under, and I will be straight with you when my concern is buying the house I want and waited for and if the majority of the UK can outdo me productive wise I will hold my hands up and say hey ho they deserve  it, but that's not the case.

Moral hazard is all but dead and the law of the jungle the survival of the fittest means nothing anymore, in fact have your welfare spawned kids, get the taxpayer to home and cloth them and then even win the moral argument that we should all feed them because some little spoilt brat footballer says we should and watch in the honours list next year.

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