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Where to buy cheap pairs of jeans


As per title. My jeans never last all that long however much they cost due to my habit of cycling everywhere in them, which inevitably either wears out the crotch area, or, less often, results in a spectacular arse tear while bending over or sitting down.

I used to buy Tesco Value jeans for £4 or so and be happly enough to get a year's wear out of them, but they stopped doing them years ago. My last few pairs have been from M&S, they were fine but no better in fit, looks or quality than the Tesco ones so I resent paying £15 or more for them. Primark jeans, like all their other trousers, seem to be designed for 'skinnyfat' people with spindly legs and a fat waist, which being a regular cyclist I obviously am not.

Suggestions welcome for when the shops reopen :) .

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 Rave I used to be convinced I couldn't get into skinny jeans with my weighty legs ( only 30 inch waist mind) plus I was also conscious that size 11 shoes look bloody massive in anything other than boot fit... a' la 20201113_193615.thumb.jpg.fced897aa723e3e4f762967e891381a1.jpgMickey Mouse ( well they probably do). But heck I've embraced skinny fit ( they do stretch and you get used to them) I only wear skinny stretch now. My latest purchase £1.99 Charity Shop. ( tbf they are on the loose spectrum of skinny fit compared to my other jeans)

Oh Dear and Spunko once said old geezers shouldn't wear skinny jeans.


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Charity shops would be a good call were it not for the fact that I'm a pretty average size- 5'11, 34" waist and inside leg- and so in competition with all the other average sized people for the clothes. I never have much joy in the sales for the same reason.

I am also a former powerlifter and cycle an absolute minimum of 140 miles a week, often carrying a heavy backpack up a bunch of steep hills. My legs just won't go into anything skinny fit.

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