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I remember when the BBC went off the air every night.  Happy days.

Why not get a 2KW fan heater and connect it to an exercise bike? You won't generate enough power to run the heater but by the time you find out you'll be roasting.

My local area kept getting repeated power cuts a couple of years back that the leccy board were struggling to track down the cause of. Turns out it was cows in a field scratching their arses agai

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Returning to the OP: no.

There was that one last year that went across most of the country plus one local one this year when a workman went through a cable.  I think there was one other that I noticed because the cooker's clock had reset and was flashing when I returned home.

The national one was from a power station in ?East Anglia tripping which caused problems all over. This was meant to be a presage of things to come because it was a symptom of a system with insufficient capacity but it hasn't recurred as was predicted.

The lack of new stations and old ones going off line suggests that power cuts will become far more frequent and that's before all new cars are EVs from 2030 as discussed in another thread.

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7 hours ago, Carl Fimble said:

Anyone got an oil central heating system? Do they need electricity to work? If they do, as I suspect, is there a way to keep them working during a power outage, perhaps with some sort of UPS?

My parents have oil. I'm sure it needs electricity for the boiler.

Are you after a central beating system? How about wood pellets?

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