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Boris Johnson has come under fire for reportedly telling a virtual meeting of Conservative MPs that devolution had been a "disaster" in Scotland.

Mr Johnson also reportedly described it as predecessor Tony Blair's "biggest mistake".

The SNP and Labour have both criticised Mr Johnson.

But government sources suggested the prime minister had been making "more of a reference" to the SNP's running of Scotland than devolution in general.

I cant see what was wrong with that - other than Blair had nothign to do with it, being an MP for a English seat. Devolution was Browns blundering fucked up fists all over it.

I was a HUGE FUCKING DISASTER FOR LABOUR. As a party they are nothing more than a tiny party, dominated by muzzer areas, totally excluding everyone else.

The one eyed creating thought Labour  dominate Scotland AND England and Wales.

How the cretin thought that, when creating regional parliaments which a retated10yo cold tell you would end up dominated by national parties,

Scottish devolution should have stopped as soon as HBOS and RBS blew up. The nationalists should have gone back to sellign socialist workers in the hgh street.





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49 minutes ago, dgul said:

He's right.  A disaster for the UK and for Scotland (in the longer term).

And the Welsh Assembly is worse.


Each has been a disaster for Scotland and Wales respectively.

At least in England we only have to fund them and not live under their incompetent and authoritarian rule.

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42 minutes ago, unregistered_guest said:

So, is this Boris' way of signalling that he's going to announce devolved regional assemblies for Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cornwall? 


If that came with a closure of the border to tourists then it's a vote for an independent Kernow from me!



Otherwise no; what would be the point?

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2 minutes ago, sarahbell said:


We should turn the money tap off.


It's of little benefit for your average worker in those provinces.

Also the much-vaunted free university tuition fees in Scotland is simply the old grants system we had countrywide meaning that far fewer Scots students get to go and a a degree from a Scottish university by a Scot remains the badge of quality that a degree from a English university hasn't been for twenty years. 

Which is good and we should emulate it in England.

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5 minutes ago, sarahbell said:


We should turn the money tap off.

The biggest disaster for the regional assemblies is not whether they get another vote of devolution.

Its whether the English get to vote to kick them out.

Labour - the great party of liberty and equality, provided regional assemblies for everyone but the English.



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