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Save the planet, unplug your TV

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Last point is it. Whilst they continue to import masses of people, the resources get spread even thinner. With little investment in the infrastructure we are going to run short.  Then, they try and blame us. An example. We are one of the wettest countries and somehow most summers, we are all on hosepipe bans. It’s a fairly recent phenomenon too.  Ask why.  

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10 minutes ago, sarahbell said:


The way to be really green is to quietly and without fuss remove yourself from the active carbon cycle and become part of the passive carbon cycle.


I’ve gone green cut down on trips to work.to reward myself I’ve normally got the temp set at 22 degrees.this time last year the lodger was asking when I was thinking of putting it on I replied December unless we get Viseters

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3 hours ago, Dave Bloke said:

I was listening to the news yesterday. An article on the news yesterday. We must all go around our house at night turning off TVs, kettles, microwaves to save electricity. If we all did this we'd save the electricity of the town the size of Dorchester.

First of all, I don't believe modern TVs on standby draw any significant current. Milliwatts at best.

Secondly, it if fucking freezing so any electricity is turned into heat in the circuits which, in my house, is a good thing.

Thirdly, while a town the size of Southampton immigrates into the UK each year I don't think my standby TV makes any difference. What do journalists think immigrants live on? Recycled farts?

From memory the law was changed a few years back to force manufacturers to limit the standby power drawdown of all domestic goods to something very tiny. So unsurprisingly, this is bollocks. 

Want to save the planet? Sterilise 90% of the population, and make the focus of scientific research cleaning the planet and improving humans to think long term, with a focus on robots to assist with this. In 50 years, the job would be done. Probably best to start with Israel, China and Africa to prevent anyone getting any ideas. 

Where's that Bill Gates chap when you need him?



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They only want you to turn stuff off to cover up the complete failure of government policy since the 1980s as they have pissed money up the wall left, right with the grand finale being paying half the country to sit on their arses for 12 months.

It is pure political, arse-covering, diversionary, bullshit.

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3 hours ago, Dave Bloke said:

We must

.. said some prick that doesn't understand the big picture.

Whenever some twat says I shouldn't do something trivial as it's causing climate change I wish I had a print out of the type of graph obtainable all over science outlets:


UK contributes around 1%, so anything we do in the UK is a piss in the ocean, so don't sweat it.

If they were serious about change they'd start with China and the USA. Instead we have muppets drawing XR symbols on beaches thinking they're doing anything other than massaging their own 'do-gooder' ego.

As always, with many things human, the easy targets get hit while the real problem causers get a free pass.

It just makes me just think fuck it, all of us alive now will be dead within the next 100 years or so whatever we do, just live a life you can live with your decisions and if there does happen to be some useless twat called god at the pearly gates be prepared to ask what the fuck 'he' did if it's such a problem getting in. That arsehole has let evil rule so if I see him I'll be in the bad place anyway. :P

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