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The Great Reset Stock Investment thread for 2021


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I had been thinking about creating a investment specific thread about the Great Reset for some time now, and finally a catalyst has got me off my bum and put finger to keyboard.

This post from Erewhon888 which has a chart of NIO caught my attention.


This stock in isolation may not mean anything, but a investment at the start of 2020 may have increased by near 25x in under 12 months. This is a stonking return, that unfortunately has slipped me by as I was too concentrated on Covid-19 (haven't we all).

NIO is following in the tracks of TESLA, of course. Everyone is on the look out for the next TSLA stock which is why this stock has rerated so quickly to $66bn. Similarly, other Electric Vehicle (EV) stocks, such as XPEV, LI, WKHS are starting to motor, which means this trend has some legs to it. EV is only one part of the Great Reset. This follows a generic pattern. The lead stock sets the foundation price, an example would be TSLA. Sister or me-too stocks will follow the leader. The 2nd strongest re-rates the quickest, followed by the smaller ones. At the end of the cycle, we either get fraud exposure, junior/liar companies valued at fortunes that have no intention of actually being a business, or new technologies that make the company obsolete.

In most cases a stock that has increased by 5x in under one year is rare, and that would signal the end of that run. I don't think this is the case, as a whole world of opportunity lies ahead in this Great Reset Thread 1 and Thread 2. Like it or not most people's world has been turned upside down in 2020, and there are many losers. The few winners in 2020, have won, hugely.

Whoever is the US President in 2021, and like it or not the Great Reset theme will be a multi-year investment cycle, that will replace the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) theme before it.

This diagram of the Great Reset points to where business may expect capital to flow to as leaders of countries have made Build Back Better public.


Public Messages to commit to Build Back Better:

Britain - Boris Johnson

Canada - Justin Trudeau

United States - Joe Biden


There are some basic areas of where to look for the "next NIO" stock. 

Green Energy - This is a huge area, encompassing renewable, storage, and Electric Vehicles are hot right now. 

CWR is about fuel cells. RR. is looking into modular Nuclear Power (although this is a really beat up risky stock).

Artificial Intelligence


Digital Identity GBG Group

Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin - On a hot run right now. ARB might give you some exposure.

COVID - this is an evolving area, . This area is cooling right now. NCYT, SNG had a good run in 2020.

5G - Smart phones aren't going away, and we'll probably be using them even more. AAPL etc.



One thing for sure is, you're going to have to hunt around for these stocks. I could not find a mention of NIO on Jim Cramer's Mad Money by doing a search on the CNBC youtube channel. The only video one year ago was this one and does not feature Jim Cramer!

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Please add any stocks that you might think may benefit from this new investment cycle.

I have been notified of some other electric vehicle related stocks. I know nothing about them, but it may warrant more research. These are US listed.



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"Lifestyle companies"

What we need to look for are companies that are selling a dream for the masses. Apple, Tesla, and now NIO fit the bill.

Look for these kinds of stocks - maybe next year Rodders...

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37 minutes ago, 201p said:

"Lifestyle companies"

What we need to look for are companies that are selling a dream for the masses. Apple, Tesla, and now NIO fit the bill.

Look for these kinds of stocks - maybe next year Rodders...

This is a great point @201p. Personally I already hold a lot of companies that should do well from the energy and EV transition on a "basic materials" level, but the ones who sell the dream are more likely to see parabolic rises.

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