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Buying from Thomann

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I'm going to buy a Gibson Les Paul Custom and was originally going to buy from RichTone as they're 10% off RRP and have stock. I've seen it £100 cheaper from Thomann but it's not in stock and I've heard it gets shipped unopened from the supplier (Germany?), so could have all sorts of niggles.

I'm perfectly capable of setting up guitars and minor luthery but would rather not with a guitar of this value. Has anyone had any experience of them for substantial items?

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What are the terms for return? Since Thomann seem to be drop shipping it, your only real consideration is their return policies.

I bought a bass the other day (from someone else https://www.reidys.com/) and I picked the shop based on the fact that they shipped with DPD and the terms said that they'd arrange for DPD to come and pick it up if it was defective (you had to arrange return yourself if you just didn't like it).



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Thanks, everyone. It looks like Thomann do free returns in the first 14 days, so that's not a problem.

Although it has the word 'Custom' in the model name, it's essentially a Les Paul Junior with two P90s and a bound neck, not a Custom Shop model. And a proper paint job, rather than the thin stuff they use on the cheaper models.

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57 minutes ago, MrPin said:

you tight bastard @mooncat69. I wanted the "Custom" one in white, but my job ended, and I'll make do with a "fake" LP.

List price £1449 RRP for a cut down Les Paul. They also do variants at £3k and £6k if you need to spend more!

I'm also having to convince myself that it's worth £1000 more than the Epiphone version, but I wouldn't buy an Epiphone. I've already got a Chibson, and a Japanese Tokai LS70F so don't need anything in that range.

I tried a similar Gibson Melody Maker about six years ago, and the fit and finish was not good at all (the sales guy suggested I file off the sharp fret ends myself) but it was half the price. I also had a Studio more recently but there was something half finished about it. I had one of the original Studio's about 25 years ago in white with gold hardware. I should have kept that one!

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57 minutes ago, mooncat69 said:

Funnily enough, I had a dream about buying a Spectrum ST.  I quite fancy one of those; H-H and a standard tremolo, not one from a Marlin Sidewinder.

I used to have an ST. I bought it because it came with a case that fitted my FX, then sold it to a mate of mine who was very happy with it.

They used to be cheap as chips on ebay.

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  • 1 month later...

Latest update. Guitar is due for delivery today. I've dared not leave the house or get out of earshot of the door, but fuck all has happened.



As you can see, I have no idea what's going on with my delivery. If it was an Affinity Strat I wouldn't be quite so bothered if I missed the delivery.

I buy a lot of guitars from eBay, but I always collect them myself. I can't be arsed with this again.

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No further updates, but it is in some far distant land called 'Manchester'. You may have heard of it.


It must also be a long way from a place called Stanford Le Hope because it took a week to get from there to Manchester. Stanford Le Hope is only two days away from Germany, even amongst the Brexit disputes.

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