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General Practice Conspiracy?

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I feel strongly that the current crisis with general practitioners has been engineered by successive governments.  In the '80s, there was an increase in General Practice training schemes, and thus the intake of GPs. It could have been predicted by government when these doctors, who were mostly in their mid to late twenties, would be retiring. Clearly, tno connection was made, or there was a master plan in place. This is either their [civil servants']  incompetence or deliberate, government intent. :ph34r:

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Just now, MrPin said:

I'm feeling fine so I have no need of their pills!

Long may that last, Pinny.  I had an 18-minute phone consultation with my GP last week - I consider myself privileged - I recruited her in Munich as Senior House Officer in 1986!


2 minutes ago, The Masked Tulip said:

Dr. John Reid, MP, former secretary of state for health - look no further than the lavious contracts in terms of salary, pension and working hours he awarded doctors.

Doctors are worse than the freemasons IMPO for looking after themselves.

The NHS was started when Aneurin Bevan famously "stuffed consultants' mouths with gold" and allowed them to continue private practice under some fairly weak conditions.  There has been no change in that respect since then.

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