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"And now on the UTV...."

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The latest victim of covid cuts is a Northern Irish institution, Julian Simmons.

To give you some context; when we watched ITV in NI, we'd see a local branch of it - UTV, with their own announcers appearing for about 30 seconds before programs.

The best of these was Julian, who would turn up before Coronation Street and spout hilarious monologues about what was happening in Corrie and the episode coming up.

He was a staple of TV during my childhood as the entire house would gather to watch Corrie in the 90's; unfortunatley the local annoucing was stopped when covid happened "to minimize the spread", and today was officially cancelled to save money.

So since no-one outside of NI will have seen this; here's the a few clips of the Northern Irish icon that is Julian Simmons:


1998: Regardomg Deidre Barlow and Dev's upcoming copulation :D


More Corrie:



And of course someone made a mash up:



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2 hours ago, Oskar said:

Wow thanks Joe, that bought back a lot of memories! Sitting in the front room of a crappy student house, smoking hash, eating chups'n'corrie sauce and watching shit TV. 

Those were the days!

I was quite surprised and moved by the level of nostalgia when I watched those clips; I was a kid again sitting watching telly with the folks.

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