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Sir or Saint Hamilton?

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Is it me or are others getting sick of his blatant hypocrisy?....

“At first there was a knee-jerk, shocked reaction,” he said. “But for so long some people have been happy and comfortable with how things are, when it doesn’t really affect them. I have a responsibility as a person of colour. I’ve got a niece and nephew who are growing up biracial and I don’t want them to experience what I experienced. I have this voice, this platform, and it’s not for personal use — it’s for trying to gain traction and push for change.”

This is the guy that lectures us about the environment but uses a private jet (I'm not going to mention about his day job), talks about fighting inequality yet shames his own nephew on social media for his 'dress' sense (have you seen LHs range of clothes!) and races in countries where homosexuality is illegal/allows victimization without recourse (i.e. Sochi), and 'takes the knee' for BLM yet races in the Gulf states (take your pick) that systematically abuse and exploit non-Caucasian migrant workers.

I used to respect LH but now every time he moralises via his soundbites he goes down that little bit further in my estimation....if you are going to use your position to further causes at least have the integrity to 'practice what you preach!'

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