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Streaming a television show in standard definition can shave a little off your carbon emissions, a report from scientists at the UK's Royal Society says.

HD video streaming on a phone generates about eight times more in emissions than standard definition (SD), it says.

And, on a small screen, the viewer might not even notice the difference.

Platforms and regulators should limit streaming resolution and default to SD, the authors urged.

The report says digital technology’s estimated contribution to global emissions ranges from 1.4% to 5.9% of the global total.

Another simple way to save energy is for people streaming music to turn off any accompanying video if they’re just listening, not watching, the authors say.

They estimate such small moves could save up to 5% of the emissions from a streaming service – a reduction comparable to what’s achieved by running YouTube’s servers on renewable energy.


Theyll have to take my hi-def porn from my cold dead hairy palmed hands ....


Put a fucking number on SD v HD energy use - carbon kg if they like.

Then put a number of driving cars to, say, schools ,and other journeys less than ~2 miles.

Then come back and say whats worse - HD porn or cars.



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They've had a dry run with Covid and forcing people into observable compliance and changing lives, just wait till the eco-loons now infesting politics and the corridors of power really go to town with their guilt-tripping, Armageddon modelling, cherry-picked over-egged new stories and the 'Climate Emergency'.

Very much like a religion and cult to transfer power and mountains of money to the chosen few.

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14 minutes ago, Loki said:

Why are they pushing 5G then (Hugely increased power consumption vs 4g)


It's almost like they just pull this shit out of their arse.

You could also say that 5g heats up the environment twice as much as 4g.

Where does all that wireless energy go?

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Just now, Chewing Grass said:

You could also say that 5g heats up the environment twice as much as 4g.

Where does all that wireless energy go?

Do you mean energy losses as heat while it is being transmitted to the phone? It sounds possible, wouldn't that be calculated by the inverse square law?  

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