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Guitar philosophy.

Mirror Mirror

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Mirror Mirror

Just sitting here playing my guitars and a couple of thoughts occurred to me.

1. And old teacher of mine years ago told me that every song helps every other song. That’s true but anyone else noticed this? For weeks now I’ve been practising police songs, Andy Summers stuff with all those stretchy minor nine chords. I’ve got them down to a reasonable standard now but I have plateaued at a less than perfect level, which is one of my signatures of my playing. 😂 However I’ve just picked up an acoustic and I’m playing some finger style stuff which I haven’t played for months and without me practising at all I can play it better than ever. I kind of cross training for songs I suppose.

2. When you make a mistake playing guitar (I suppose this counts for any instrument) there are two kinds really, one where your finger ends up in a place where you didn’t intend it to go, or one where your finger ends up in the intended place but that’s the wrong place for the song. However once in awhile you make both mistakes at once and they cancel each other out which is so great i.e. you go to play the wrong note, but finger the wrong string or the wrong fret which was actually the right fret all the time.

Okay, back to, “Message in a Bottle”.

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I find that I when I play with myself, as it were, I tend to play familiar, comfortable stuff. When I play with other people, I surprise myself and magic up some good stuff.

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I know exactly what you mean about practicing one thing, and it improves others. I've noticed it many times, and it's always a pleasant surprise.

I've had a few attempts over the years though, to spend time learning to sweep pick. I've never got it anywhere near an acceptable level. I've resigned myself now , to just not being able to do it!

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