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20 minutes ago, stokiescum said:

Wouldn’t you put weight on eating 30 a day

As long as you go like a rocket on your push bike you should be ok!

Just been for a quick blast and yes I feel great on 3 bananas and my new lights are great!

Mind you not great enough to nearly get knocked over by a deer crossing the road, came out of nowhere O.o

Might try 5 bananas tomorrow.....

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31 minutes ago, stokiescum said:

Wouldn’t you put weight on eating 30 a day

around 3200 calories so probably ok for weight loss on a largeish person if you're burning energy at a decent rate. 

Can't imagine it's that healthy though, and it would probably get rapidly to the point where you couldn't stand the sight or smell of another banana. 


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3 hours ago, steppensheep said:

I liked her early videos, but she seems to have turned into a right bitch, just devoting entire vids to slagging of other dieters. Not healthy. Her, not the bananas.

Anyone who actually thought that eating only bananas for 30 days was a good idea is as fucking stupid as that silly woman.  There's open-mindedness and accepting that counter-intuitive ideas may actually work, and then there's being a credulous idiot. We've all been on the wrong side of the line occasionally on this site. 


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