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    • By Frank Hovis
      No threatening letters, no home visits, no prosecutions. All suspended for the period of lockdown.
      Hit 'em where it hurts: in the wallet.
      And even if you only save one month before lockdown is lifted then that's still £12 in your pocket rather than Gary Lineker's.
      And if everyone does it that's £360m out of the So-Called BBC's pocket.
      Get in!
      Come on, you have nothing better to do today and this saves you some money.
    • By Frank Hovis
      I know that we have similar BBC threads but this looks like something new - a whole generation waking up to the way that means testing is impoverishing people who have worked and enriching those who haven't.
      The over 75s have a vast latent power in this country owing to their voting numbers and their very vulnerability giving them near-immunity from heavy hamded policing and custodial sentences.
      If there becomes real traction to this protest - a mass refusal to pay - then the So-Called BBC will have no choice but to back down.  They are not going to drag hundreds of thousands of over 75s through the courts because they will become genuinely hated by the population and the government will have little choice but to strip the So-Called BBC of its official status.
      As one said:
      There was an example on the radio yesterday, though I don't have a link, of NHS Cornwall now means-testing transport for elderly wheelchair users going to non-urgent medical appointments.
      The means-testing comprises whether you are on pension credit; if you aren't then you are paying for your transport and that means £160 a pop.
      If you have worked for 35 years so you have a full state pension - coincidentally £160 per week - even if you have no other income or savings then you are paying that £160 yourself.  So no food or heating that week.
      However if you have not worked or only worked a few years - freebies all round.
      For anybody who hasn't read about pension credit on other threads - it brings you up to the state pension level if you have no other income.  So they have as much coming in as anybody whose only penson is the state one.  And then get all the freebies on top so will be a lot better off.
      Why work?
      Something is rotten in the state of Britain.
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