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Passenger name list

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2 minutes ago, sarahbell said:

Brexit is going to lose us the Access to lists of whose been coming in on flights.

But there's other lists we don't have access to whether we're in EU or not.


Am watching Andrew Marr interviewing  Raab. 



all airlines have to submit lists ahead of time.  most countries have records going back decades.  For a start, the US and UK share that info every day.

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2 minutes ago, wherebee said:


all airlines have to submit lists ahead of time.  most countries have records going back decades.  For a start, the US and UK share that info every day.

Quite, if the BBC has said we won't have access to flight manifests an official complaints need to be made as they are deliberately peddling a falsehood, again.

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4 minutes ago, sarahbell said:


The question is do the EU pay more for Lamb than we do?

Lamb being the most expensive meat. And one of my favourites.



Delicious. Love a bit of lamb.

If we keep more of our lamb, beef and seafood that will be a proper Brexit bonus. Might be a worry on the pork side of things. That has the advantage of certainty that it has not been prayed at. It is also very tasty.

I'm getting hungry already. Only 90 minutes since breakfast.

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8 minutes ago, sarahbell said:

Marr just bleating that small lamb farmers will go bust if they can't sell lamb in EU.

Am just waiting for him to say we'll starve here on the UK.

I have just researched it for him via the British Meat Processors Association.

We export 90 to 100 thousand tonnes of sheep meat per year with 10% going to Germany and 50% going to France (for some reason).

However we import 100,000 tonnes of which 70% is legs (just them) from New Zealand.

From their website below it would appear there are empty quotas to fill from outside the EU as well.

Methinks the whole think will balance out after 6 months.


Most sheep meat imports to the EU fall within a quota, allowing tariff-free access to the EU market for certain volumes of sheep meat. New Zealand has the largest quota, accounting for approximately 80 per cent of the total but it has not come close to filling its quota to the EU since 2011.

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22 minutes ago, sarahbell said:

Well quite. 

I just think there are some people who should go live in the EU if they like it so much.

They've had three and a half years. The problem is that it isn't so easy getting a decent job over there as a non-local. We've heard of non-tariff barriers for trade. I'm going to coin the term non-legal barriers to employment. Also known as culture, corruption, nepotism and favouritsm.

You can do it, of course. There are examples who have done it successfully on this board. It is just harder. There are two French GPs at my surgery. I don't think you'll find many British GPs in France.

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