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First they came for the millionaires

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1 hour ago, sarahbell said:

First they came for the millionaires, and I did not speak out—because I was not a millionaire.


Well at least his family actually owned a plantation full of slaves. In fact the estate in the West Indies still belongs to him. Not that this is unusual. Despite the Irish winning independence in the 1920s a fair bit  of land in the country is still in the hands of English aristocrats like the Dukes of Devonshire who still own Castle Lismore in County Waterford together with 8000 acres around it.

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Didnt we (white plebs proles and peasants) spend millions buying the slaves freedom?


Ie, non slave owners paying off slave owners to get rid of their slaves (at that time a depreciating asset, if an asset at all with ever more automation as the industrial revolution got going in earnest...convenient, eh)


I'm sure this will work out in a similar way. 'The British' (Read Toryscum) will 'pay reparations' to the fuzzy wuzzies, but in fact it will just be added to the national debt and immediately have the usual effect of devaluing the plebs wages a bit more. 

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