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Misted windows



When we bought the house it came with wooden window frames and leading on the outside of the panes.

Recently we’ve been getting clouding / condensation between the leading shapes.

I presumed it was the double glazing failing,  but it seems it isn’t.  The leading is actually stuck on a thin separate pane on the outside of the window..  and the condensation is just forming between this layer and the double glazing.

What are my options?

Are there any companies who can fix this?

Do I just need to pull out the leaded pane and leave it like that?

Any other options?

It’s a bit hard to get at being a top floor window :/


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Chewing Grass

You need to cut that hedge on the other side of the road, with regard to the windows they are too faux posh as they are 2.5x glazed, I'd just get some net curtains then you wont notice the winter fogging.

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It is just like broken down double glazing, which fails, the inert gas escapes and replaced by air / water vapour which will condense.

Going to be very difficult to fix permanently if not impossible as it is. Could try drying off the air inside with heat or sucking / blowing dry air through the gap on extreme low humidity days to purge the damp air that is there but would likely only be temporary benefit.  Whether any sort of rain product might work, doubt it, but may be worth looking at but would require access and removing front leaded glass and resealing.

Mounting the leaded pane on the inside and making it a removable secondary glazing element that can be regularly maintainned / treated / dried might be a way out, but it might look odd.

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1 hour ago, Libspero said:

Thanks @Chewing Grass & @onlyme

I hasn’t realised it was physically attached to the double glazing proper.

I’ll see if a local glazier can just replace the whole pane with similar lead pattern.

Cheers both..

Not definite that is the case, if it were made as a single unit you should see a proper seal all the way round the edge in-between the panes and probably and say a 10mm gap. Getting a glazier round you'll soon find out your options.   

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On 18/12/2020 at 10:25, Libspero said:

That’s our neighbour’s.

She’s retired so she has time to keep a very tidy lady garden.

But no time to put the bins away. Lazy cow.

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