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Eden Bolloxed

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It's in a claypit which are very wet at the best of times.

They have a very good water drainage system beneath the domes to cope with it; but ultimately something in a deep hole in a county where it rains a lot will have the odd flooding problem.

It's worth a visit if anyone hasn't been.

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I've been to the National Gardens of Wales in Dyfed.  They are, according to the locals, even better than the Eden Project.  It isn't, of course, but better off wasting time there without queues etc than Eden, and it is (well, was once) free admission in winter (I think it is expensive normally, but then I think all things like that are expensive).

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3 hours ago, MrPin said:

I expect it's "God's punishment" for putting a tourist attraction where nobody goes.

There was probably someone saying that when they went to Noah's Safari Adventure Park to catch a glimpse of the big boat he'd built miles inland.

Then, the first raindrops started to fall...

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