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Favourite northerner

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6 hours ago, lid said:

I'm sure this will spawn an alternative favourite southerner thread but let's have a good old North vs South thread hehe


I love how all of the comments to their live Dance floor performance revolve around Alex's accent. 

It does lose points for not having clowns fighting criminals though.  

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On 23/12/2020 at 08:02, MrXxxx said:

Guy Martin...comes across as a decent/genuine bloke.

have heard from someone who knows him that hes a right arrogant cunt with delusions of grandeur.

I dont know him so i cant say, but they were not impressed.

Ill elaborate a bit, was a few years back, i say knows him, i mean worked with him. The receptionist at work at the time, apparently her sister worked for some Tv production company in wardrobe or makeup or something and he'd just been on the telly the night before for some fast tractor or push bike or some such frippery which is how we got to talking about him. Apparently he treated the staff of the shoot like shite and talked down to them cos he was the star dahling dontchuknow.

Anyways, i have no opinion one way or the other, purely anecdotal.

Im always a bit dubious about favourites or 'decent people' lists especially concerning 'celebs' z list or other.

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