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Who will be Boris Johnson's unelected and inauspicious successor in 2021?

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Boris is claimed to have said he will go in 2021. Being ultimately responsible for snatching disaster from the jaws of victory with lockdowns and whatever bag of crap the brexit deal turns out to be,  chances are pressure will further mount for him to quit. In the finest tradition of British party politics he will be replaced by an even worse and more hated successor.

Wild guesses and conspiracy theories as to which lucky candidate will be next British Prime Minister?

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Rishi Sunak as he ticks nearly all boxes of PCness.

Dishi Rishi without a doubt, it's blatantly obvious he's the banksters/corporatists/globalists puppet of choice.

Barnier. It is on page 1234 of the doc Boris signed.

Femi Oluwole - because he bravely and conclusively demonstrated that the EU is far more democratic than the UK because of the incredibly fair and just way EU Commissioners are chosen; when compared to the totalitarian way that Boris Johnson was forced upon an unwilling public!

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6 minutes ago, Libspero said:

I guess it would be ironic to watch him reap what he's sowed..   but he's also most likely to know what a poisoned chalice it is.  If he takes it he's probably not bright enough for the role. o.O

That’s my point after winning how many in a row I’m betting even the torys want labour in for a term 

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      I meant to start this when the other one got to 150 pages - oops.
      Please continue here.
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      Latest Grauniad fear-mongering piece.
      Brexit literally smells and so do thick Leave voters.
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