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What is it? What will it entail? At first it seemed to be a joke that tier 4 had been invented out of thin air, now along comes another one. Bizarrely it seems to have been slavishly accepted by the masses as being inevitable already.

My predictions are:

- Closure of all schools

- Increase in fines for not wearing a muzzle

- Increase in fines for other rulebreaking

- Sunday trading laws scrapped as was always the plan a la Gideon

- Pubs forced to burn themselves down and/or forced to sell up to properdy developers innit

Anyone want to hazard a guess?

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13 minutes ago, MrLibertyRedux said:

Probably all of those I would imagine.

There is a small part of me thinks that this could have the opposite reaction they want to achieve though.

I know a number of people, generally not contrarian, very straight and law abiding types who are close to breaking point.

Further restrictions will likely push them over the edge and they are likey to snap and go straight to the "fuck off, I've had enough of this" stage.

Back in may I visited my parents when technically illegal. Thankfully all my friends are rather free thinkers but still a few murmurs, "what if there's a chain and old Agnes gets sick" etc.

This Xmas though, after 9 months of house arrest in the north, most of them broke the rules one way or another. Any heavier removal of liberty likely to be similarly ignored.

The slippery slope argument works both ways, in restrictions but also non-compliance.

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