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Will I get away with this

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Ordered an iPad Christmas Eve it was 280 quid.had an email saying dispatched then another saying I will get it next week.in the meantime they have gone up to about 370 I got another email saying it’s despatched then another saying contact the sender from Amazon because they have not despatched it.then it vanished from my credit cards pending bill.anyway it’s just arrived what the fucks going on I don’t know.will I get lucky and get a free iPad or will they try a have me over for the extra 90 quid em.

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I've found with "marketplace" type websites - and some sellers - that the order tends to be accepted by the seller pretty well immediately. I presume because this then starts the remittance cycle - the gap between the order being placed and them getting their payout from Amazon (in this case). So the quicker they claim to have despatched it the quicker they get the money.

Then they set about actually despatching the thing. On two occasions I've contacted the seller to say that there must be some problem because the thing was despatched on, say, the 14th, and it's now the 19th, so something must have gone wrong because it isn't possible for it to take that long. On both occasions only one thing actually arrived.

So it's either that on those two occasions the first package was lost by the postal system in both instances, or as I suspect, nothing actually happened until I started moaning about it and it then turned up the next day.

You should get a charge of the originally agreed amount. I'd assume the website's system would stop the seller charging more than the order value, that which was pre-authorised in the first place.

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8 minutes ago, onlyme said:

Would have thought you would be fine with that seller.

Parcel deliveries are all over the place, neither seller nor buyer have a clue what is going on most of the time once the next day or twenty four hour slot is missed.

Yes that’s what I originally thought but normally you drop the price Boxing Day not up it by 100 notes

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13 minutes ago, stokiescum said:

Yes that’s what I originally thought but normally you drop the price Boxing Day not up it by 100 notes

Priced in new stock? Actively pricing themselves against competition that was chasing sales and has had their fill -  a lot of that on multi-vendor platforms. Worst for them would be to get no stock for a few months so selling existing off cheap at this point in time may be a mistake.

Certainly there are some tech goods which individual chip supply is causing issues, people have been buying PS5's and selling them immediately for chunky gains, lots of anomalies at the moment.

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