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Feelings don't care about your facts

Stunley Andwin

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Stunley Andwin

I think it is obvious by now that this hysteria will never end unless we force it. Only a very small proportion of people are susceptible to facts, logic, reason and evidence. Most people in this self-selecting group are, I was able to change the opinion of the board in a couple of weeks. But since then, appeals to fact have proved completely ineffective; anyone who would have been persuaded by fact would have changed their mind several months ago. An excellent article on LockdownSceptics looks at this.



So we need to develop methods of persuasion that are based on emotion. As the irritating right-wing gatekeeper Ben Shapiro always says, "facts don't care about your feelings". He has got that completely wrong, "feelings don't care about your facts" is the correct answer. I have had some success with just clearly stating very slowly and loudly THIS. WILL. NEVER. END. Say it twice, then use it again things like vaccines are mentioned.



I have been using the NOIDS report to some effect. Spend a couple of minutes talking to people about what the NOIDS are, then try to get people to guess how many reports there are every week. Talk through the number of deaths that are reported, the fatality rate, then get them to guess the number. Show the website, and that it is the official government figures. Then get them to find the number in the reports. My parents were literally silent for about 20 seconds when they saw it.



Use examples of other tyrannies. Mention communist Russia, China and Cambodia. Then focus on the Nastys. Questions like "There have been lots of other evil governments in the past, could it be possible that this government is evil?" "Do you think the people in Germany thought that they were being evil?" "Governments in the past have used fear to gain power, could this government be doing it?" "There have been many evil governments in the past that were evil, why is it impossible for the government of this country to be evil, just because you are you are living in it?" "During the crises like the second world war and the cold war, did the governments then try to spread fear or positive messages?"


We should also be looking at corruption. Aleksander Lukaschenko stated that the IMF offered him 940 million to close down his country but that he turned it down. "Is big business bribing government leaders to deliberately destroy small businesses?"



 One is a pretty, you might knock it out of the park -- the President of Belarus, Lukashenko had said, has been quoted that the IMF tried 
to “bribe him to impose a lockdown by offering COVID relief funds” which was in Delta (phonetic) the telegraph has taken the media of Belarus. 


People don't like being humiliated, show evidence of people from other countries laughing at them, or even more effective, of the political leaders ignoring the rules. "They're laughing at you! They can't believe how stupid you are!" You will receive aggression back for this.

Look at the negative effects of lockdown. Hundreds of millions of people being put into extreme poverty. "Why do you hate black people so much?" You will receive aggression back for this.

Give people emotional rewards for making progress. If you are writing a forum post, you might want to give people an emotional reward in the second or third sentence of the post. Look at ending the forum post with a positive message.

We have until the end of Summer this year to break this madness. The fear level is too high now for it to be worth it, but starting in the middle of March, we have four to five months to either break this, or to live forever in a global bioterrorist police state. All throughout history, freedom has always won and evil has always been defeated. We will win.

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Mirror Mirror
1 hour ago, Andersen said:

@Stunley Andwin+1 for the NOIDS report - not something I'd seen but I had been curious about :Beer:

@Mirror Mirror the Covid stats are near the end see Table2 "Diseases not shonw on the main table" (that's revealing in it's self !)

Ok got it ta!

So for week 52 there were 85 Covid deaths compared to week 16 (selected at random but obviously sometime in spring) when there were 736.

Very revealing.

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Austin Allegro

One thing I've noticed is people can't distinguish between Covid and Lockdowns. So if you say 'lockdowns are killing people' they just think you mean Covid is killing people. Most people haven't the faintest idea that there's any alternative to the MSM fear porn. So we need to use that fear against them. Eg, by saying things like 'we need to stop lockdowns because they are killing the NHS'. etc.

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