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1 hour ago, Andersen said:

@Stunley Andwin+1 for the NOIDS report - not something I'd seen but I had been curious about :Beer:

@Mirror Mirror the Covid stats are near the end see Table2 "Diseases not shonw on the main table" (that's revealing in it's self !)

Ok got it ta!

So for week 52 there were 85 Covid deaths compared to week 16 (selected at random but obviously sometime in spring) when there were 736.

Very revealing.

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One thing I've noticed is people can't distinguish between Covid and Lockdowns. So if you say 'lockdowns are killing people' they just think you mean Covid is killing people. Most people haven't the faintest idea that there's any alternative to the MSM fear porn. So we need to use that fear against them. Eg, by saying things like 'we need to stop lockdowns because they are killing the NHS'. etc.

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