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Covid is sexist - it must be eliminated

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I have been hearing an advert on Classic FM specifically asking for blood plasma donation from men who have had Covid.

There was no explanation as to why this was only men, I wondered if perhaps men gave less blood than women, so I did a quick search and there is a genuine difference as to how it affects each sex and there are other differential effects.



Men who have had coronavirus are being urged to donate plasma from their blood to be used in research into treatments for Covid-19.

Studies suggest men are more likely to become seriously ill and therefore produce higher levels of antibodies than women.

This means their plasma could be more useful for saving lives.

NHS Blood and Transplant says the plasma could be used to treat hospital patients if trials are successful.

It started requesting blood and plasma from Covid survivors in April and, by mid-May, nearly 600 people had donated their plasma.

Of the donations from men, 43% had high enough levels of antibodies to be used in trials, compared with just 29% of those from women.

Higher antibody levels were also more often found in older patients, Asian patients and those who had been treated in hospital for Covid-19.


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This whole request is weird and not telling the whole story.

It would be quite straight forward to inject Covid into a mouse. After a few days remove the thymus gland and attach to human cancer cells. Then transfer to a bio-fermenter and the cell complex will start uncontrolled division and mass production of monoclonal anti-covid antibodies.

After a few days, sonic vibrations are used which cause he cells to migrate away from the surface, and pure anti-covid monoclonal antibodies could be harvested.   these could then we used to treat seriously ill patients.

This is standard antibody production technology now. Not rocket science. (:D)

Asking for donations and then transfusing fresh frozen plasma (FFP) into patients is probably pointless - imho. A very short term benefit before your immune system destroys the foreign proteins. 


There's something else behind this story.   And lets not forget that the virus has never been isolated in a Western Laboratory (so I believe but could be wrong). Instead we are accepting the genome provided by the Chinese.

Biggest hoax ever hoisted on humans.   I'd prefer to be a swallow than a Human if this shit continues...at least you could roam freely across the planet.  It will be pointless being born on this planet soon.

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