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4 minutes ago, Panther said:

No. Councils should have strict ultra vires rules that make councillors and their chief executive personally liable for all non-statutory activities.

Which should also be extended to other public and semi-public bodies.

They are funded by government for a particular role but then go beyond that to new ventures' generally with the rationale to make additional money in order to extend their core role.

Most, but not all, of these side ventures lose money and so serve to actually contract their core role.

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There's a great line in there:


The ambition is that Northern Roots will become self-financing in the longer term through a blend of social investment, enterprise, tourism, licensing and commissioning.

Uh, if you're getting social investment (the first on the list) then you're not self-financing.

Beyond that, it clearly isn't self-financing at the moment -- council workers set up a scheme reliant on council money...  I wonder how much the senior managers of this scheme are paying themselves (or aim to pay themselves once they get the £8 million in investment money).

[This is the new way -- senior council managers find a way to get council money delivered to them while removing themselves from the salary limitations in councils (not that they're poorly paid any more).  ]

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I do like how failing councils think they can do any commercial venture better than the private sector and make a profit. If nobody is investing in a shopping centre, they should take the hint that it's because it's a money pit.

Councils should prioritise reducing council tax and business rates in absolute terms each year to free up the economy for productive investment.

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