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Gold and Silver exposure


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Not really what you were asking but surely gold or silver have two primary benefits:

  • A hedge against inflation (cash devaluing)
  • A physical asset which is unrecorded by government (unless you go mad and buy loads in a short period) and therefore not taken into account for means testing, inheritance tax or any future taxation of wealth

If you haven't got the latter advantage then stocks and shares which also hedge inflation, and more as per the chart below for the US, and additionally pay a dividend are surely better.

I have gold, I see a role for it, but I don't have much - c. 1% of investments.


Anyway, please ignore if you are set upon your course of action. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

FYI - 

Leading on from some talk in the credit/deflation thread, I thought I would see what the deviation from paper to real spot was in Australia for bullion. 

Pretty shocked.  street price for an ounce is 200 bucks above paper spot, and more in some places  That's almost 10%

Interestingly, selling prices are around spot.  That suggests to me a huge shortage of physical and that the paper market for gold continues to be, politely, manipulated.

Likewise for silver, street price is 50 bucks and higher.  paper is 35.  That's a HUGE difference.  Silver coins selling for paper spot.

I did look at gold and silver a fair few years back in Oz, and back then the dealers were charging 2% over spot and buying at 2-5% below spot.

The silver squeeze might be interesting if it occurs.

I'm holding onto my silver miner shares...

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I keep an eye on selling prices on ebay. A very informative way to try to judge sentiment.

1 oz silver britannia's currently selling for £32 to £35 each. 

Gold sovereigns around £375

I also watch antiques auctions. Prices often crazy (including commission):

Silver brits = £40 to £50 each

Gold sovereigns = £400 to £450 each

A 1/2 gold sovereign (encapsulated but not a proof) sold for £340 yesterday! 1 oz krugerrand sold for £1,690.

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SSLV ETF - it's priced in USD - I sold loads o stuff including HZM to pile in......

Given up on the learjet....looking at 'shiny' pushbikes instead xD

Edit: actually I like matt colors.....bit more modern:P

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Looks like PHAG/PHSP are both shooting up.  Pity I sold my PHSP when we had the spike a couple of weeks back.  At that time I bought FRES and HOC which obviously then went down:(

But FRES looks to be on the rise:) along with the two above.  HOC isn't doing anything:(.

Does anyone know what's going on?

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4 hours ago, janch said:

Does anyone know what's going on?

paper gold and silver are being manipulated to buggery........I heard the largest 8 silver traders in the world were all short so they need to keep the price down.... if it starts going up it'll cause major damage to a bank or 3 and you could see another Bear Stearns in the making.....sounds like fun to me so I went long.....fuk em :P

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13 hours ago, reformed nice guy said:

Silver,gold and copper girlsIs this the kind of exposure you mean?

Dont forget copper

gold and silver will have dinner with you for 100 bucks.

filthy, filthy copper will follow you to the bathroom halfway through...

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