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Are we still printing official bits of paper in eleventy thirty languages, now that we have really, really left the EU?

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My mate's girlfriend overheard someone in Greggs saying that Klingon is to be forced on UK as an official language by the lizard-controlled WHO supposedly in order to "combat covid" - yeah right.

We must strongly fight back against this jackboot on our fnargs.


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I used to play tennis with a guy that made a fortune out of this.

Every council had to be able to answer the phone and engage with the resident in one of 40+ languages. Obviously they couldn't do this themselves.

He set up a large office (Reading or Hounslow, can't remember but I did go there once) and employed people that could speak every language. 

When a council got a caller they couldn't understand, they transferred the call to him. He tapped in to their databases, and dealt with whatever the caller wanted.

IIRC he charged each council £250k per year as a standing charge, then per call. This was early 1990s

The councils reckoned it saved them a fortune. And he made one.

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