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Adjusting Tilt and Turn Window

Mirror Mirror


Mirror Mirror

I’ve got a tilt and turn window that’s not behaving, and I guess needs adjusting, but I’m not sure how.

When I turn the handle to the ‘up’ position, the window tilts properly, if I turn the handle to the horizontal position to open it wide, the top corner on the hinge side becomes completely free, and if I want to open the window, I have to physically hold the top corner closed.

Finally, when I close the window and try to turn the handle to the ‘down’ position, the handle only moves 20 or 30 degrees down from the horizontal before significant resistance is felt, it can be moved to the fully down position, but requires much more than normal force to do so.

Any pointers gratefully received. 😃

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We have similar windows here, 2 had problems, both related to the "main" hinge :

1. The window was sticking and had to be lifted slightly to open/close it. The "main" hinge (the bottom one on the side that opens) had worked loose from the frame. Easy to check - pivot the window open and gently try to lift the open side while watching for movement at the hinges. I replaced the screws holding the hinge to the frame with fatter ones and it works fine.

2. The window was stiff to open/close. The "main" hinge was rusty and sticking due to lack of use. When I started to use the window the hinge soon snapped! The window is now locked shut and dangerous to open. It's staying shut until I can find a replacement hinge. Maybe try a drop of oil on yours  in case it's starting to stick?

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