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Old school TV interviews

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43 minutes ago, MrPin said:

Wow @Hopeful. I watched that all the way through. I think I saw it before.

He was certainly a good explainer. Some of my lecturers weren't.


It's all very good, but 24.17 to 25.44 and on to the commentary about the National Academy of Science, goes to the heart of it. The pleasure is all in finding things out, having an idea, being right and seeing other people use the results. That is all the reward that is needed.

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8 hours ago, desertorchid said:

Completely different era with men being boisterous, boozy, jokey and entertaining. So sad that we cant have fun watching and listening to people like this these days. Completely owned the stage. What a talent also, when FS hits the mike, just Wow.

Agreed. Simple fun and joy is outlawed now.

These are the men that purple haired feminists secretly crave. No wonder they’re so confused.

That woman guest was lovin it when boozie Frank put his arm around her!

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8 minutes ago, TheBlueCat said:

Great find! Can you imagine this being made today? He would constantly interrupted by some airhead SJW and asked stupid questions designed to wind him and the audience up. 


That, and A Blank on the Map, are my two favourite TV programmes of all time (but I haven't had a TV for >25 years, despite occasional involvement in the process). The Feynman interview speaks to who I am and A Blank on The Map determined my life's course at age 6.

Feynman was a wonderful person, 

It's fun to Imagine



Edited by Hopeful
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7 hours ago, desertorchid said:

Parkies favourite interview and you can see why. A fascinating man. You simply don't see interview like this any more. 

That is brilliant. Ask an intelligent question, give the guest time to respond and actually listen to the answer. 

Thanks for sharing, made my day watching that. 

The Feynmann one is also great. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Was really enjoying this thread so hope to ignite a few more to watch.

For me this week:

Enoch Powell on Dick Cavett. Some fantastic dialogue with other guests in the second video, and left thinking they both have a point. The eternal question remains, was Enoch correct? His description of Birmingham certainly sounds spot on.



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