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Reading todays threads and from own experience of late, everyone seems to have turned into an utter selfish cunt. People stealing Dogs People treating shop staff like shit People drivin

you ain't seen nothing yet

Its all a symptom of societal breakdown we are living through. Life in the UK has become a game of bull5hitting and virtue signalling Its almost like they go together, the bigger the bullshitter and t

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1 minute ago, Melchett said:

Sadly it’s true.


Cant think what’s brought this on in everyone though, all of a sudden.

Nor can i. 

I've been in lockdown to the point of only being able to see immediate family on about 4 occassions in 10 months. 

I have not turned into a cunt and i wasn't one before either!

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Saw the aggressive driving thing a lot during first lockdown.

I think January is a shit month for many under normal circumstances, I don't think it is anything other than a lot of folk have had enough.

However, I have noticed amongst friends that the ones who have never had to deal with any significant adversity and have "plodded" (for want of a better description) through life quite happily are the ones who are really starting to struggle. Especially since Christmas being cancelled and now the school's are off again.

The idea that they may have to go without their holiday "we always go to the same place every year" seems to be like the end of days. I had nearly two hours of this on the phone on Friday night.

Some people can't even cope without routine.



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It’s just a game of blaming everyone else.  Even with Boris, he’s not God FFS. Whoever is in charge, it only means delegating to the people who are employed to do the actual work.

Stop the floods?  Stop the plague?  All it means is a way to tax people more to steal their money.  The people doing the actual work are just plebs like everyone else, and yet everyone expects them to be miracle workers.

The opposition party wouldn’t be any different or better.

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4 minutes ago, ashestoashes said:

I'm amazed how busy the local parks and streets are with people getting their exercise, reckon if there was an asteroid about to hit earth people would all rush out for a last walk in the park

No, they’d expect Boris to stop it.

Stay at home,  Stay safe.

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1 minute ago, Hancock said:

The brother seems fine to me, he's certainly got the bollocks to get back out there after they keep on fining him £10k a pop.

I wish the man well.

Ahh, I see you quoted me before I corrected my grammatical error - darn :CryBaby:

Piers is a right twat IMO.


Edited by Hopeful
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7 minutes ago, Hopeful said:


The more I interact with people the bigger cunt I become.

Lockdown has been quite good for me in that respect. I reckon I'm less of cunt, now.

So the fewer people with whom you interact, the fewer people call you a cunt therefore the less of a cunt you are?

I believe I can identify a tiny flaw in your hypothesis...

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