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What can you rent for £1,000 in your area?

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Again a little over budget but tricky to find anything here. A largeish studio flat. (I hate studio flats)


Interestingly, that's only a little bit smaller and a bit worse presented than the one I posted in the "What you can buy for 500k" thread, which was actually about 570k. 

You could probably buy this one for 400-450k.

The maths doesn't make much sense here, money is too cheap, but only if you already have quite a lot of it!

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Renting is by far the cheaper option in Cornwall.  Two bed detached bungalow with one bed annexe in Bude £950 per month.

To buy maybe £300k - £315k so gross rental gives a less than 4% yield.


3 bedroom detached bungalow for rent in Gurney Close, Bude, EX23 (rightmove.co.uk)

Nice place to live tbh.


Edit: Bude is way off the beaten track so the market for these will be restricted to retired or work form home people.

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Not really fair he as £1000pcm is almost average wage. 


Based on UK Average being around £26k, that's £2.2k pcm. So I'll adjust down by a similar ratio to about £500 equivalent. 

This house doesn't look too bad (bit far out). 


Everything else is pretty much flats. 

This looks a decent 2-bed. 


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A shitty 2 bed BTL slumlord slavebox, in a grim village.

Or a bungalow that should have been knocked down 20 years ago (everything else around it has?)


For a little bit less you can rent a depressing 1-bed furnished shithole.


I suddenly feel very depressed...


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6 minutes ago, spygirl said:

Furnished normally means it is an airBnb and you will be kicked out as soon as summer arrives and they can make more money.

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I used to pay £1000 pm in rent. On top of that you've got council tax and bills. 

If you're on £30k per year you're getting £2000 per month after tax, so that's half your money gone every month before you even look at the bills. 

It's not fun playing £1000 per month rent, it certainly wouldn't be easily affordable on minimum wage, even by a couple, it would mean one of them is working full time forever just to pay the landlord.

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