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Blair’s son - lovely to see a working class Labour family make their way in the world

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Read the article it’s got everything. The comments would be hilarious if it wasn’t such a shocking indictment of our country and where the rot started.

I’m sure you can all pull the hmmm 🤔 bits from the article. 

It is the hypocrisy that gets me.


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Try again


Sophie Adelman is the Co-founder and General Manager of WhiteHat, a talent accelerator that helps young people launch their careers at the best companies via apprenticeships. As President, Sophie is responsible for all internal operations in the business from product to sales to apprenticeship training



Bow does that change?

Most worthwhile apprentices are seen by workers.

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8 hours ago, Alonso Quijano said:

It's more Common Purpose shite! We have been infested.

Have seen a few of these Youth Leader type organisations emerge so long as they are of the right profile not the right stuff.

Blair Government really was Ground Zero for our nation's demise into Banana Republic style rule. Though turns out Major was a bit of a traitor too.

It genuine is.

Fall in apprentices?

We need more wimmin with clipboards to correct this!

Wimmin with clipboard goes off sick with wimmins' issue.

SO does her replacement.

And the replacements replacements.

Give companys a tax credit for taking on apprentices. Thats it.

Maybe try and an arrange some formalish training in an FE - if they can find ones thats not been ruined by err a common purpose woman.




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At which point does Blair jr's recruitment agency add value? The world isn't exactly short on young people looking for well paid work and presumably large corporations have HR departments with some vague competency in not taking on complete mongs.

What changed over the intervening year? Same story from the Mail a year ago:


So where did the media narrative change over the year? Especially after recent attempt to appoint himself vaccine tsar, got a nasty feeling war criminal Blair Sr is looking for a way back into politics to help keep on top of the global threat of nationalist populism with all the silly looking out for a nation's own people getting in the way of the important people doing what is best for the 0.001%.

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23 minutes ago, JoeDavola said:

We are in a 2 class society.

They are in a special club that you aren’t. No matter how hard you work, you won’t be in that club.

And if you’re a 37 year old who worked yourself into premature old age/ill health, as I have seen done several times, for a ‘high paid job’ (in most cases peanuts more than an average paid job; numbers the people in the upper class would laugh at) remember you are essentially still a pleb, still tax cattle, and you’ll never be as rich as Euan, who likely hasn’t done a days work in his life.

You are George Carlin AICMFP

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8 minutes ago, eight said:

Everybody did. I'd never heard of him til about five years ago. Perhaps he is "made up".

Another shape shifter?

I said before but I'm still pondering my next make believe identity or career history... Bounty Hunter or private investigator is tempting

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1 minute ago, Dogtania said:

Another shape shifter?

I said before but I'm still pondering my next make believe identity or career history... Bounty Hunter or private investigator is tempting

Drains are the future.

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